ShoutcastCity Price Match Guarantee: Full Details

This is the full policy on the ShoutcastCity Price Match Guarantee. If you have questions about the policy, or wish to have us price match a package, please contact us.

Price matching of packages from other providers.

ShoutcastCity will gladly match or beat the pricing and package specifications set up by another provider, under the following conditions: (i) the competing provider must be located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia; (ii) the competing provider must not be offering any outrageous package specifications (to be determined by ShoutcastCity Sales and Management staff) such as, but not limited to, unlimited AutoDJ space, unlimited listeners, other methods of overselling, etc. (iii) the currencies must match, or be converted to match (i.e. we can not price match a service at $10.00 USD that another provider offers for €10.00 EUR, because of the vast difference in currency value. Any questions about what can be price matched can be directed to our sales and support desk.

Matching package specifications of other providers.

ShoutcastCity will gladly match or beat the package specifications of another provider that offers higher specifications at the same price as a ShoutcastCity plan. The same conditions for the above section "Price matching of packages from other providers." will apply.

Price matching after account establishment.

ShoutcastCity can only offer a 50% price match for customers who have already established an account or services, if the customer finds a cheaper deal elsewhere. This is called a retention price match.

Price matching of ended promotions.

Unfortunately, ShoutcastCity cannot offer a promotional price if the promotion has ended. Promotions can also only be used once per customer, unless a promotion otherwise specifies that existing customers may also take advantage of the deal. ShoutcastCity runs promotions frequently, so keep looking out for the next deal.

Using promotional discounts on price matched prices.

ShoutcastCity cannot allow the usage of promotional discounts (such as $1.00 off or 10% off) when using price matching, unless otherwise specified by a specific promotion or ShoutcastCity staff member.

Right to refuse.

ShoutcastCity reserves the right to refuse a price match offer for any reason determined just by its Sales or Management staff.