All of our SHOUTcast Plans come with a bundle of great features...for free.

Every single SHOUTcast plan sold by ShoutcastCity contains the below features. Each feature is described in mouthwatering detail, but if you have any questions about how a feature works, or how it would benefit your station or project, please don't hesitate to open a sales ticket with us.

1. AutoDJ: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Your station can stay on 24/7/365 with ShoutcastCity's AutoDJ service, free with all SHOUTcast plans we sell. Just grab your favorite FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client (many available for free download online), log in with your stream credentials, and upload whatever MP3 files you want. The Centova Cast software (mentioned below) then offers a number of automation rules in its Media Library feature to allow you to control how songs play, when they play, and what to play in between them (jingles, etc). To host a live show, just deactivate the Auto DJ and connect - because of the default buffer time in SHOUTcast servers, your live show will start seamlessly, using gapless playback. When you're done, stop your live show, and reactivate the Auto DJ - again, resuming with gapless playback.

2. Centova Cast Control Panel

The Centova Cast control panel is easily the best SHOUTcast control panel available on today's market. Centova Cast takes care of it all - everything from managing your AutoDJ library and playlists, providing detailed statistics about your listenership and song popularity, keeping logs of actions carried out by the server daemon, telling you who's tuned in and where they are located, and even allowing you to generate royalty reports, if necessary.

3. Listing in iTunes Radio and

We will list your station in the iTunes Radio and catalogs for free. Boost your station's popularity by listing in the two main directories of Internet radio stations.

4. Flash Player

All ShoutcastCity SHOUTcast Plans come with a free, no-advertisements basic Flash player for playing your stream on your website. Variables can be changed to allow for autoplay, or to require user action to start the stream.

5. Instantaneous Setup

As soon as payment is received, our billing system will automatically set up your SHOUTcast account and e-mail you your login information! No waiting involved - start using your station and begin broadcasting right away.

6. 24/7 Support, Price Match Guarantee, and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We're always here to assist if you need any help with your SHOUTcast station. Just shoot us an e-mail or open a support ticket from the client area, and we'll get back to you with a prompt answer. Additionally, if you find a price for our plans elsewhere that beats our prices, just show us the link and we'll beat the price and/or specs of the competing plan. And last but not least, downtime doesn't make for a great 24/7/365 station: we certify that with our high-end custom built servers, you will always have 99.9% uptime, or you'll get a prorated refund for double any time you're down.

7. Love

All SHOUTcast plans sold by ShoutcastCity come with love in every kilobyte.